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At Untamed Athlete, we are on a mission to make sure that New Zealanders never have to suffer the indignity of wearing subpar workout gear again! Armed with a keen eye for quality and a nose for funky fabrics, we scour the globe to bring you the most beastly, gnarly, and downright awesome crossfit and performance apparel out there.

So if you want to be the envy of your box/gym (and let's be real, who doesn't?), gear up with Untamed Athlete and get ready to unleash your inner wild child!

Athlete spotlight
Heath The OG untamed athlete

Hello, Untamed fans! We're excited to introduce you to an incredible athlete who will undoubtedly inspire you with his passion and dedication. Meet Heath, a seasoned CrossFit competitor with a national Adventure Racing title. Heath has over four years of CrossFit experience and has honed his skills and developed a fierce determination that has helped him achieve incredible success both in and out of the gym.

Heath is a Civil Engineering student with a keen interest in physical geography and the natural world, in addition to his athletic pursuits. This mix of physical and intellectual activities demonstrates his well-rounded approach to life and his dedication to ongoing growth and learning.

Despite his impressive CrossFit track record, Heath remains humble and grounded, citing one of his favourite pastimes as eating (a lot of it!). While the Sumo Deadlift High Pull remains his nemasis, Heath thoroughly loves biking, and his skills on the C2 and Assault Bike are unrivalled.

We're excited to have Heath as a member of our growing Untamed Athlete family and we can't wait to see what he accomplishes next!



Another satisfied athlete. We really appreciate your support

Wiremu CNJ
Auckland, NZ

This is the best tape I have used to date!

C. Mullenger
Auckland, NZ

Same day delivery! Got to love that service. Thanks for the new rope!!

Confident & Fit (Crossfit Coach)
New Zealand

Thanks for the awesome service!

Monique Baarspul
Napier, NZ

Thanks for the best delivery and service again!

Lee Glanville-Rothman
New Zealand